Welcome / Bem vindos my darlings/ meus queridos, to Andorinha’s Travel!

I have decided to start up an all inclusive journal, why?
1-I simply cannot just rely on my brain to remember everything ( mal me posso lembrar do jantar de ontem )
2- I believe this will help Mum and Dad, inspire my little brother as well as it will help my dearest and nearest to keep track of my overseas adventure. (Everybody wins!)

I have recently completed my 2nd year at The University of Sheffield, having survived 22 exams in my 1st year and the 18 from 2nd year of my BA in Modern Languages . ( I swear some people don’t even do 10 in a whole 3-year degree)well well small sacrifices for a much greaimageter cause.

I am passionate about languages, let’s say (une fanatique pour être plus précis ). I currently speak 5 : English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian.
-I tried to learn Arabic but I failed misérablement – failure is a great teacher.
I can have a basic – how are you? fine, thank you. What’s your name? PLEASE don’t ask me more questions -Type of conversation – basic.

Meanwhile I have acquired knowledge of odd phrases in languages such as Japanese, Greek, German, Russian etc. So I will be using the lexicon from time to time. The key is to keep learning.
And for this reason, I’m venturing for 2 semanas to Madrid working as a Consellour , I will then return to Eng-GLANDDDD, for una sera , and travel next day to Paris, mon ami! After spending 6 months in Paris working as an Office Manager (lol) and most importantly getting lost, I will then by God’s will/ se Deus quiser get out of my comfort bubble-gum and explore La America Latina, where exactly I have not yet come to conclusion due to the Uncertainties  of life , but I feel more inclined to Argentina and Colombia, I’ll faithfully explore the continent in due time. Lastly the plan will be to spend the summer in Italia, parlando tutti il tempo per migliorare my linguistic skills.

So, ALRIGHT THEN…. ( with a *Scouse accent*) I’m very new to this whole concept, nonetheless I really want to share more on my passion for self development and fulfilment and I’m happy to share with you my tales of survival, several moments of awkwardness and merriment. You can subscribe to my posts if this sounds like your cup of tea, even if it is just for mere curiosity or simple amusement.

That’s it for now, my loves.
Love, Carmen xo


One thought on “Introduction

  1. Voa, voa, passarinho voa, corta os ares do ceu azul anil
    Mas nao esquecas de voltar p o ninho voltar.
    I love you baby girl.


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