Self realisation, why should you attend/ work in a Summer Camp at least once in your life

Here’s the Andorinhas

So what’s the story behind the this blog’s name Andorinha’s Travels, it refers to a free bird, english translation known as Swallow, a bird known for being always on “the wing”,  ” the bird of freedom” not being able to endure captivity of any sort or simply to be domesticated.
I interpret it in a sense of being able to be te best version of myself, with no restrictions, hold backs or distractions. The whole idea revolves mainly on the lines of travelling whenever possible and take full advantage of the opportunities that come along this year’s journey. I’ve always wanted to live life to the max, to experience all it has to give.
People often find millions of excuses and distractions for not following their dreams, I’m attempting a new approach to my fears, to be more precise, I am trying to not overthink them. Just say yes, and work out the rest later.

Take every opportunity to travel, even if it’s just around the corner . I will be coming back to you all cool fiercely playing a guitar , talking to you about captured crazy-painful chaos of human relationships bragging about my epic trips.

Met wonderful people in Cofrentes, I love you all so much!

On a reflective note:
As years have gone by I have realised this thing about life, it is highly based on what you make of it. We are at times forced to make permanent decisions ( or at least we force ourselves). Trust me is okay to change your mind, it’s your own life don’t get stuck into anything that no longer “moves” you. You feel like you want to take a new path, take it, kiss goodbye and don’t look back. Start a new chapter of your life.

These two past weeks have been the most serene, reflective and peaceful I have had in a while. I can’t really explain why it has been so ( perhaps the weather & good food and being in the middle of nowhere with no internet) but I expect it’s due to my increase in really taking time to enjoy myself as well as the people around me. Honestly I am beyond satisfied with my current state of being with regards to where I am going, so much so that I wish I could bottle it and bring it out of the cupboards when times are hard. I have awaken as as young woman, I met younger teenagers that were so passionate and inspiring that made me come to realisations I would never have done before. I’ve got to be honest I’m so happy that they are the next generation, we are definitely in good hands.

Talking about the next generation, one thing I noticed in particular about Confrentes, Spain was the focus on environmental friendly activity, I’ve meet one person in particular that has had huge impact on the way I see our planet and its life. I want to make it a goal to be more environmental friendly with regards to my actions towards our planet, from what I buy to what I eat and drink. Cela est vraiment primordial, sans aucun doute! Also over these weeks I enjoyed having a routine, and now that I will be working in Paris on a 9-5 I will definitely make up one, it’s so much healthier. I’m leaving Spain with a new outlook on different aspects of life , knowing the clear difference between “no marcha y no funciona” y muchas más palabras que no sabía. Having a full argument/ debate with a taxi driver with regards to the independence of Scotland and Catalonia was probably one of the many highlights during my stay in Madrid. He made me speak a lot more than I’ve probably ever done in all my oral lessons in 2 years of Uni at Sheffield. All sorts of tenses, colloquial phrases and local idioms were used. I kept disagreeing so we could talk more, I think he realised how my thoughts were contrary to my words, I spoke of the need for strict boarders to control immigration, illegal imports and exports and the dear taxi driver believed in a world free of laws and regulations. I secretly agreed with him to a good extent but I had to pinpoint the impracticality of such policies, it was so much fun it was absolutely brilliant nonetheless he eventually missed a turn and prolonged the journey and stretched my €20 note xxx

Now it’s time for some full time French culture and language immersion. I have just been back home for 6 hours  then went off to London, to get on the Eurostar to Paris. I didn’t have much time to exchange money to Euros in Liverpool, after having had some surpriseeee costs in Spain, so I had to exchange it at London Euston not really making much “profit.

Quote of the week: if you knew me yesterday, you no longer do. As humans we grow daily.

Besos, Carmen


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