1st week living in Paris #scary

Every human being on this planet needs to push themselves to the point of breaking, it’s a must believe me. You need this to see what you’re capable of, what are you made of and how much pressure you can take. Don’t always take the easiest, straightforward path.

Weekly I embark on a pretty long journey in two metrós, the two most eventful days were for instance Thursday (jeudi) an elderly woman ripped my dress with her bag just as she was violently getting off the metro, I was incredibly surprised by her lack of good manners. And Friday ( vendredi) morning this gentleman sat in front me reading a novel by what it seem to be, on his little kindle , he began to cry as he was approaching the end of the book. I must admit it was quite amusing, because he acted as if it was the early morning tear but trussssst it was tears of sadness ( his favourite character might have died or something ). I now master the ways of the metro in centre Paris I can do my thing without having to constantly look at the map. And my fear for esimagecalators is soon to overcome.

Now as part of my year abroad as I explained on the very first post I must either go to a Uni (Fac) abroad, or find work experience. I’ve obviously decided to work, I’m fed up with having 10+ exams per semester so a “break” comes in handy.

First day at Vaugirard was good but (there’s always a but) indeed frightening, thankfully I had Holly ( also from the uni of Sheffield) there to give me training for the week, as she had been working there for the past 6 months. She is my Vaugirard idol, absolute amazing bubbly personality and indeed a lot of fun to be around. The thing that I struggle with the most was to suivre les conversations ( follow the conversations) at lunch time or any other convivial time. I looked like those quite kids in school that say nothing, see nothing and laugh awkwardly at the wrong times :(, which as you lot know. I am definitely not, then again it still too soon for me to be showing around my weird quirks, on verra.

My job consists on managing the offices, hence why (lol) it is called Office Manager. There’s a series of different offices and we rent them to potential business men and women for whatever time they wish to use it for and I need to keep the ones that are already taken in a good state and updated. I deal with a lot of excel sheets and its reports on google drive to help everyone keep track of everything from the number of sweets we have at the reception to monthly bills received and payed each month. And most importantly keep a healthy, happy environment all around ( need to decode french banter 1st thing). It’s entertaining how they ( les français) use a lot of overly done facial expressions and the use of sounds as amusement. I’ll crack it all in due time.

All in all this week has been a mixture of feelings, I cried Friday afternoon because I miss home and the adaptation process is not always easy. But we can do this.


2 thoughts on “1st week living in Paris #scary

  1. HI Carmen! It’s fabulous to be reading your blog! Loving it! Thanks for taking the time to write! It is scary being in a foreign country, having difficulty with the lingo – but you’ll get it!! Forca!! xxxx


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