What is Andorinhas’s Travels blog?/ Bio

So what’s the story behind the this blog’s name Andorinha’s Travels, it refers to a free bird, english translation known as Swallow, a bird known for being always on “the wing”,  ” the bird of freedom” not being able to endure captivity of any sort or simply to be domesticated.cropped-fullsizerender-511.jpg
I interpret it in a sense of being able to be te best version of myself, with no restrictions, hold backs or distractions. The whole idea revolves mainly on the lines of travelling whenever possible and take full advantage of the opportunities that come along this year’s journey. I’ve always wanted to live life to the max, to experience all it has to give.
People often find millions of excuses and distractions for not following their dreams, I’m attempting a new approach to my fears, to be more precise, I am trying to not overthink them. Just say yes, and work out the rest later.

Travelling is one of my greatest passions, along with the study of languages and cultures..Take every opportunity to travel, even if it’s just around the corner . I will be coming back to you all cool fiercely playing a guitar , talking to you about captured crazy-painful chaos of human relationships bragging about my epic trips.

Upcoming adventures: South America (Jan 2016 – June 2016)

Languages spoken: English, Portuguese,French, Spanish, italian and previously studied Arabic. 

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