5 Things one must do to completly immerse oneself in a culture/country

I know I have started in French but don’t worry my dear Anglos I got you, scroll scroll my friend….

Bon comment est-ce que je peut commencer, ça fait 3 mois déjà que je suis ici à Paris. Le temps passe vite quand tu t’amuse bien, le début est toujours difficile mais maintenant je peut même rigoler quotidiennement chez mon travail. J’ai (deciphered) les règles de conversation françaises. Et également je m’habituée  à l’environnement, sans question je me sent plus à l’aise au travail, mon appartement et dans l’hexagone .  La routine au travaille à change aussi je fait beaucoup plus de tâches maintenant, responsable pour le recrutement pour l’année prochain et donner formation à nouveaux stagiaires inclu . Moi j’adore les défis proposé chaque jour, j’ai développé plein des abilités que je pourrait utiliser dans l’avenir.

Au même temps il fait long temps que j’ai n’a pas écrit un article, désolé.
Pour commencer 5 trucs qu’on doit faire pour une complète immersion culturelle.

5 Things one must do to have the best time abroad!

1- Fully embrace it. The good, the bad and the ugly. Just go for it man. Swim in;


2.- Lower your expectations, or no expectations at all. This will avoid disappointments.
Explanation: before going to your year abroad you will be really hyped by all people and all reasons. You will expect your arrival and your time abroad to be “the best time of your lifeeeeee” chill, it won’t really happen straight way. It depends on your attitude and time, it’s takes different amounts of time for all of us. In this case you really have to go/create the flow.


3- Mix with the locals and native speakers seriously, I’m sorry but you’ll have to start speaking  to strangers of both genders. It gets easier, I promise. Use that hidden charm of yours, I know you’ve got it in you.


4- Have intellectual conversations, all that stuff ( l’exclusion sociale, comment peut-on être ) if you picked Jane Windebank’s  FRE 245 you are well equiped my love. I’ve been able to show off my awareness of the social issues in France and I’ve learnt a lot more, from first hand locals. It’s incredible. I shouldn’t have missed so many of my Monday 9am lectures. It was hard getting up in the morning please understand folks.
5- EXPLORE. As much. As you can. Not just other countries but your own city has a lot to offer if you search in the right corners.


As your fluency increases you will feel a significant  increase in your self confidence. Change can be difficult and overwhelming lol. But it can also be exciting. (note that) There have been events and moments in my life that have come from nothing, shocked me, surprised me, and enriched me as the young woman I am becoming today. Sometimes the best things in life are indeed, the surprisssss (es). And as you age, you get to know yourself inside out, and being open to possibilities is a damn good thing.

Don’t be scared. Fear is an illusion.
You have a purpose and will discover it.

Your dreams are premonitions and waking up to live them is a self-fulfilling prophecy. – ( Check these bars luvvv)

Your relationships with others are as they need to be, they will grow or shrink over time, that’s fine. There are people for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Don’t be anxious, you will be ok, don’t expect too much from situations, just be in the moments, let feelings come then go like friends and days that pass.

A bientôt.

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