New flat and favourite comedy café

Ah also I have moved to a new flat, a super cool studio in the 11th arrondissement. The view that I have is such a blessing and I will surely miss it when I leave. I’ve had to change a couple of things in it, to add a more feminine and modern touch to it . I’m quite proud of it, even though there’s days I hate being alone, but I see as an opportunity to develop myself as the young woman I am becoming. I never thought this would happen so quickly, having my own apartment in the middle of Paris. What a dream, working, paying my own bills lol , making  daily decisions. It’s super cool, just being able to be so independent specially in such a foreign environment I’m looking forward to see how I get on in South America and  life after uni.


I keep forgetting to mention this comedy theatre I like going to, it’s called Art Paname. I first went there with a friend that thought id benefit from it culturally and at a language level. And rest assured I definitely did, I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to understand all the jokes but most importantly I got the final gist. After a couple visits I was even able to take part in the public jokes so I recommend it 100% for both knowing what do the French find amusing and for improving your listening skills .


I’m building up a “non- tourist” Paris guide, divided  by districts/ arrondissements whatever you wish to call them. I’m just debating whether to post in now or wait until the end of my stay (?) because I will keep on adding stuff to it… If you can? comment  on this post your preferred option ☺️.Picture1.png



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