Metro homelessness SDF – speeches of suffering .


Metro homelessness SDF – speeches of suffering . I’ve almost experienced being without a shelter in Paris. What a day!?

The metro is  the favourite mode of transport for Parisians, composed of 16 lines. It starts at 5am and closes at 1:15 ( Sunday/Thursday)  and at 2:15 (Friday and Saturday).

Every morning when I used to live in Saint Mandé I used to get metro line 1 and 12, on line 1 it didn’t happen so much perhaps because of how crowded it normally is, but on the line 12, these speeches of suffering happened  2-3 times in my 11 stops journey ( I work on the 15éme) I remember the first time I heard one, it sadly sounded so beautifully articulated, the tone, the pace the choice of lexicon all so well placed in the appeals for a charitable giving. I had the privilege to study and analyse the origins of homelessness in France prior to coming in Jane Windebank’s module L’exclusion Sociale. I’ve mentioned it twice now on this blog lol I really liked it, it was so interesting and informative. It was about the stuff I really care to know so 10/10! I hope I can do a module like it on my final year.

Moving on, as sad as it is the Parisian population has built a wall of indifference  to it, the people I see giving a little contribution are usually foreigners that are visiting that have been touched. But I understand why you can eventually begin to ignore these homeless people, you can’t help everyone and in everyday of your life unless you have the financial means to do so :(.  Here are some images designed to generate awareness of this issue, that I came across at the start of this year that I liked very much.



So what was I saying when I mentioned ” I’ve almost experienced being without a shelter in Paris”. Basically after a working day I try at least to explore a little of this beautiful city, I went to La Gallery La Fayette and the sorrounding areas checking out the xmas decor, I was amazed and was having a great time. Around 9 I decided to check my sac à main only to realise I left my keys at work. Great! It was then that one began to panic.

Fortunately the company I work in, provides a 24h access to its workers, but who on his right mind would still be there at 21h30 at night. So I thought of all possibilities coming to the realisation that my phone was on 3%, having no phone or internet these days is an obstacle. So I was already accepting the fact that I was going to squat in a corner of a bulding and sleep there til the next morning, I began to thank God for His reminder that I should never take anything for granted and that I should appreciate evrything in my life. Besides also, to put  myself in the place of homeless people and feel what they feel just for one night. I was really positive about the whole thing. I just embraced the situation with open arms and was thinking that it would strenghten my character.  However, I did eventually decide to go into work to try my luck and see if anyone was still there. Guess what!?

Someone was, Stefan, who usually never stays after 8 o’clock I literally hugged him and express my gratitude and joy for the fact he was there. I looked like a mad woman. So I picked up my keys and charged my phone then went straight home. Ouff what a day….



A bientôt,




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