Travel update South America (intro) 

Hello my dear readers,
the beautiful sights of mainland Spain and the seduction of my dear Parisian city are both covered now and I’m in the second part of del movimiento. Latin America!!! A continent I have sempre wanted to explore. So I’m now in this astonishingly rich continent for a couple of months, I’ve started off in Brazil and worked my way up to Mexico where I am working, living and exploring.  

I take the personal view that once you begin to travel , you know, discovering new lifestyles, cultures and places. It’s a never ending process, it feels as if you have been bitten by a travel bug. You develop an addiction for the unexpected and you want to know more and more and it’s never enough, so you keep on going and planning more hoping that one day you will eventually identify yourself with one place where you would like to stay and live and begin a new life. 
So, why La América Latina? 

I’ve always been a person who talks about how important it is to be happy, to follow your heart and to follow your dreams.

South America is a continent I have always and I mean since I’ve come to know myself, wanted to explore for the obvious reasons. Planning wasn’t so easy but definitely worth it. 
Good Lord, it feels so good to be able to make this wish come to reality, c’est incroyable! It’s genuinely hard to put it in to words, the feeling you get when your dreams become a tangible reality.
For 2016, I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again, don’t be afraid to start over. You don’t want to live a life you find boring or exhausting. 

See you soon folks.

Hasta la vista,




One thought on “Travel update South America (intro) 

  1. Carmenita (ou Carmencita),

    j’écris en français comme ça personne ne comprend …. 😉

    Je vais réfléchir à cette phrase qui me plait beaucoup : “En 2016, j’espère que vous serez fier de vivre votre vie”.
    Je vais essayer de plus la mettre en pratique ! Selon les moments de la vie, elle peut demander du courage.

    Bravo pour ton voyage, profite bien des pays, des gens, des rencontres.

    PS : Pour la photo de toi, je ne te trouve pas tellement couverte. Essaye de ne pas attraper un rhume.
    Et j’imagine que tu bois de l’eau.


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