Joy in Latin America 

I just want this feeling to last, I feel the happiest I’ve ever been, I love South America. I feel good here, healthy, sane and in peace with myself most importantly.The life pace here,  is perfect for me, the weather clearly is doing my skin a lot of good and the people are warmly beautiful inside-out. 

This continent most of all projects positivity , good vibes and good energies in every country or region you go.


 I really like it here, so much that I can see myself living here for good, provided that I find a suitable job for my qualifications. 
The big snooze 

Looking back on my life in Europe I was beginning to remember on how easily we let ourselves be stuck, get used to things, people and routines and forget how wide our world can be if we let go and let it be. 

I see that as a big snooze, you’re snoozing away. 

Asleep in static position not doing much, accepting, not reacting, not changing, not challenging yourself , accepting the things that have or are happening to you. 

Break from this vicious cycle, set yourself free. Nothing should hold you back. 

I pray that all of us, find out our purposes. Your happy medium, that everyone that I personally know, care for or are yet to meet finds this feeling of happiness numerous times in their lives. 

Ciao you beautiful souls. 


One thought on “Joy in Latin America 

  1. Hey princess , just to say even if you like that much living in Mexico, please come back home because we miss you so much.


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