10 Reflection points from little Andorinha 

Well, well, well, I feel like it has been an age since I have been on here, my sincere apologies I have been indulging in myself in numerous things, and dropped way too many responsibilities such as blogging behind * guilty*!! It’s been my favourite season of the year since I started this journey, and you know what that means colour, style and mood wise – Spring /Summer that’s my thing. 
Reflection points:


Follow your passion and you’ll find unexpected levels of joy in whatever you do. 
Complete a goal

Latin America has been my goal since I know myself, making it happen made me feel really good and capable of much more. 

Be selfish, self care 

In a positive way of course, remember to please yourself too. We spend so much time getting the ” approval” of others or trying to please the audiences that we forget to double treat ourselves. 

From head to paper 

Daily you have thoughts, ideas etc some of them will be great and some unfortunately not. Keep all of them including the not so good ones in paper (notes). The idea of owning my own business come up to me when I was working as a manager with entrepreneurs and start ups in Paris. I wrote it down and January 2016 I made it happen, of course it still in progress, my first collection compared to the 3rd is a kid’s draft lol. But most important is to give creativity a chance. 

The importance of feeling challenged 

Your brain needs working, like we do as human beings. If you don’t exercise it with hard, challenging things it won’t work when you most need it. 


There are many forms of meditating, but the one I find most helpful is the one that focuses on your breathing and the present. It’s about focusing on what is and being grateful on how far you’ve come . 

If you are like me and can’t stop think all the time * overthinking* , one of my Mexican friends recommended I should focus on the tip of my nose for a few seconds and bumm Magic! No thinking lol! 

. Writing helps me to clear my mind and revitalise my brain. 
Practise kindness. 

Focus is key- Distraction was something that has always plagued me although I can be highly productive, but I’ve decided to make it simple : One vision, One moment, One hour, One day at a time. Take your time to do things but do them well. 

 Excellence – First as a young woman, and then as black young woman I’ve realised that in everything we do, 100% is not enough you can’t go below 90% and 110% is not much either. There have been moments, due to rushing/ lack of time and focus, I haven’t given as much as I’d have liked to tasks, people, work & many other little things in my life. I find that guilt racks me when I haven’t done my best, and I am a very harsh critic with expectations of myself. 

 Love without bars – limits, preconceptions, rules and boundaries. I don’t mean this in a romantic sense although it applies in various relationships. As the humans we are, we sometimes let ourselves be guided by the fear of unknown, the unknown can equally a pleasant or unpleasant surprise. But you’ll only know that if you welcome the unknown with open arms and learn about it. Mexico has shown me stunning nature beyond human imagination. 

I.e look at this cenote, do you think such thing would ever exist under the floor?! 



2 thoughts on “10 Reflection points from little Andorinha 

  1. You should add something to this, which is a really good way to look back at things and see things in your daily life more positively than I’m sure you already do. It’s a bit cheesy, but I think you should do it!
    Okay, so. All you have to do is get a jar or something to put pieces of paper in. Every day then, you must add to this jar and fill it (one per day) with anything specific in the day that made you feel happy. This may be simply from someone giving you a lovely compliment to something a bit more intimate. At the end, I promise you that after a year of this, your life will be full with an even more positive way at looking at life, and lovely messages to read too 🙂


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