So Madrid was really good, the lesson was that if you take the first step you will make friends instantly, just take advantage of the first days as everyone is just as scared as you are. I had some time to wander in Madrid, it was beyond hot. Every corner of Madrid is just simply unique and exquisite, its people are very complimentary, guapa guapa! Here, there and everywhere I went, everyone from the youngest to the eldest smiled, starred or asked questions. On training day I came to the sudden realisation that we were all going to be sent to different camps and I was sent to one in Valencia, cofrentes. I met some really good fun members from my team on the training day, and the remaining on the actual departure day, as cliche as this may sound especially wth regards to Spain I sat with Alejandro on the bus journey ( I now can’t get Lady Gaga out of my head). Together we were 7 Councillors and 29 Anglo kids, with 35 spaniards joining us soon after. The camp in Valencia is absolutely beautiful, I mean it. My schedule is, let’s say very busy from early morning starts to very late night ends but all of it is fulfilled with moments of merriment, fun 24/7. I really want my little brother to attend camps like these when he grows a little older, it all equips you with a series of skills that you will need in life and it also boots your confidence as a Councillor or as a visitor. The kids grow immensely each day, so much that they even forget to call their beloved parents. The Councillors team, a.k.a The Cofrentes Squad is the best you could ever worked with, each member is just unique and beyond incredible, they are indeed the dream team. ( Even though from time to time I get bullied for being the youngest) – I swear I tried hard to keep my age a secret, but it was forcefully revealed in a lunch conversation. This was just the beginning of the week, and I’m so excited to see how these kids develop as time goes.

Ciao amici,

Carmen xo image



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