Ultima semana

Do you know that feeling when people just say your name properly, in Spain every time I hear my name a little vibration comes to my heart. Beautiful. image
In terms of social network I haven’t had the time or the resources to access such identities like my Instagram, mail or my Facebook and I am absolutely loving it it’s a detox from all social waste. However I must admit, not checking my emails stresses me a little, because they are usually quite important. Now I have less than a week left until Paris, I am loving Valencia it is doing a lot of good to my skin, ahora soy una verdadera morena. Oh man, if I was to tell you one of the many tales I embarked on this week I would write a whole book, with a good amount of amazing fun fulfilled characters in the rich land of Spain. I wanna shout out to my first team of teens ” The Pink Panthers” that made me cry when they left the camp and I want to welcome my new ones the ” The Danger Rangers” to a week of adventure and a lot of fun. I miss home, specially my brother Paulo I really really want him to attend a Summer camp like this and just experiment new things, travel, meet different youngerzzzz from all over the globe.
I have been practicing some Spanish, I always try and wake up early in order to be able to watch the news in the morning and on my breaks I like to watch some telenovelas, they are absolutely brilliant. I also tend to awkwardly create conversation with the Spanish staff, you know, as you do. The food is rich in flavour and I have tried things that I would probably say no if I was at home, like for instance Arroz negro which was made out of Squid ink, a bit salty but good. I am yet to find the recipe for the Gazpacho/ Salmorejo drink so notoriously famous amongst the Spaniards. I am very much looking forward to seeing my family once again and even more to be living in France.


Carmen xoxo


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