Advice from a 20 year old (nearly 21) to you ;)

One fine day it will be your turn, you will leave home, your city, your country to pursue great accomplishments.
– you will defy the human fear for change.
– hold your head high and do something many thought it was unthinkable
And I hope you will find not only joy, love, adventure and freedom but more importantly find yourself.

Do you think you have what it takes to rise up and set the new standard, you know all in all that the barriers are all in your mind. There’s no box, no limits. Scripture calls this box a “stronghold” – a wrong thinking pattern that keeps us imprisoned in defeat. And this is why is so important that we think positively, thoughts of hope, faith and victory. These won’t stop it from raining but it will certainly give you the strength to overcome any difficulties.
– Remember no pressure, no diamond.

Unleash your creativity, be bold, be brave, be humble. Remain hungry, let curiosity be your way into the numerous things life has to offer. Just think of the grandness you are to become.

Find 3 activities that :
1-will help you exercise
2- create a source of income
3- unleash your creativity
Remember your lifestyle should improve the quality of your life. Not ruin it.

Set your priorities straight, mine used to be shopping and being trendy lol that will get you nowhere but bankrupt. Don’t do it for the gram!

In a football match you can’t score without a goal, so have one. It will make things easier, you will have a sense of direction. You’ll know where you want to go, so you begin to take the right paths and all your actions will lead to it. Celebrate the small goals you set too, celebrate everything you do.
– there’s no point doing a degree not knowing what you want to do when you finish, you will just be studying because you have to. Driven by nothing. No passion, no enthusiasm just a monotonous life.

Choose your team carefully, so much of who I am today has been influenced by the people surrounding me. My team is small ( Jesus, my brother, Mum& Dad, Maggie & Pancakes) but it’s a good one, they inspire me, motivate me and are honest with me when I most need them. They make me always want to set new and better standards for myself. The relationships you have should be an advancement to who you are as an individual. Advance your joy, your feeling of self-worth and inspire you do become more because of how they make you feel.

You know the expression, ” you are what you eat”, c’mon eat well, it will reflect on your skin and body. But in your lifestyle too, the way you move and how easily tired you feel. At this age people multitask, 24/7 you have to be active but your body will only function if you feed it with the good stuff, you know.

Be open minded, like my friend Emily Dubois says ” Say yes more often” and remember we are always learning, always. Don’t ever say I know it all, instead use “I have an idea of what it is but I am willing to expand my knowledge” or ” could you tell me a bit more” or simply just ask questions and admit that you don’t know, that way you will keep on learning.

Don’t believe everything the media says, make your own judgements. Believe me they only show and tell you, what they want you to see. Research.

Be good to people and they will be good to you, smile often.

Less is more.

Hope this inspires/motivates some of you my dear friends.

Love, Carmen XO


2 thoughts on “Advice from a 20 year old (nearly 21) to you ;)

  1. I’m in your blog! Loving the name check!! Such a great post too, gave me lots to think about. Looking forward to the next post 🙂 xxxx


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